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“Swords up, Evil down. “
The forbidden sorcery which has been disappeared for years popped up. With the power of evil, it can transform martial arts disciples into non-human beings, boosting the power to their up-limit — with such a top notched power, fame, fortune, power, and desire, all of them are already at their fingertips, even the price of owing it is selling souls to devil, they would scramble for it.
Love, hatred and greed, which come down to the soil for nourishing this forbidden sorcery.
At the moment, We couldn’t figure out who the real enemies are.
Raindrops, coming down again.

Phantom Blade: Executioners, created and presented by S-GAME, is a hardcore action game set in a noir universe known as the “Phantom World”. You play as an elite agent of the Organization, a discreet institution that brokers peace and enforces order among various powers. The world is in turmoil. Your job is to find the mastermind behind all this and take it out at all costs. The game features blazing-fast action, a highly diverse skill system, and an impressive collection of “Phantoms” that bring your skills up to the next level.


▼Your Choices Affect the Story▼
Make difficult decisions to alter the course of events. Will you lie to a young girl looking for her father? Telling her he’s going to be ok when you know full well that he’s not? How about intervening between two feuding brothers? The choices are yours.

▼Freestyle Skills and Killer Combos▼
During combat players can create different skill chain combos according to their preferences. Long chains, short bursts, and other skills can be easily adjusted. To unleash a skill chain, you’ll need to make sure your timing is right, and may stack Phantom bonuses on each of your character’s unique skills to improve attributes.

▼Phantom Bonuses and Stories▼
Phantoms are related to the characters and story in the game and each time you acquire a new Phantom or upgrade one, you unlock a Phantom story. These Phantom stories may impact your decision-making and affect how you play out certain scenarios by providing additional story context for each character.

▼Plenty of Loot▼
Earn equipment and Phantoms after winning battles. Equipment attributes are random and players can mix and match their gear to suit their playing style and aesthetic. Highly-coveted Sin Gears are obtained in Purge Dungeons. Purify Sin Gear to enhance it further. And most loot can be produced in battle.

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